Job Outline: Knowing Role of Patient Care Technicians (PCTs)

If you are looking for job stability and assured income, there is nothing better than the healthcare sector. There is a constant demand for healthcare professionals – right from doctors and nurses, to lab technicians and patient care technicians (PCTs). So, who is a patient care technician? Patient care technicians (PCTs) are trained professionals, who offer direct care and services to patients. They are also called nursing technicians and often work as a part of the extended medical team and under nurses. What do PCTs do? Patient care technicians, as mentioned, are directly involved in providing patient care. From changing their bedding and serving food, to checking their vitals, pulse, blood pressure, drawing blood, and sending samples for testing, they are involved in the day-to-day n

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Becoming A Certified Nursing Assistant: All You Must Know!

If you have the natural ability to empathize with people and want a rewarding career in the healthcare industry, the role of a certified nursing assistant may suit you. Before you decide on any career path, it is absolutely critical to do some groundwork on the various aspects. What’s the role of a certified nursing assistant? What kind of roles they are expected to take? How good is the demand? In this post, we are discussing some of the basics. CNA job description A certified nursing assistant is mainly responsible for caring for a patient, and they are critical to the overall medical team. CNAs do a wide range of tasks, such as assisting doctors and nurses with selected medical procedures, cleaning wounds, dressing wounds, handling patient queries, keeping a check on patient’s comfort

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Here’s How Device Deployment Services Can Help Educational Institutions!

More educational institutions are investing in classroom gadgets, thanks to emerging technologies that promise to transform the world of education. One of the biggest challenges for many schools and educational institutions is budget. They don’t have as much resources to spend on classroom gadgets, and considering how students are likely to use these devices, maintenance, repairs, and protection are serious concerns. There are device deployment services that can help institutions manage these aspects and beyond. In this post, we are doing a review of these services. Why use device deployment services? From procurement of devices like Chromebook for students to configuration, repairs, and refurbishment, device deployment services can manage it all. These companies also work with corporate

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