Iodine and Sucrose

Iodine is a chemical non-metallic element with the symbol ‘I’ and atomic number 53 in the periodic table. It is a member of the halogen family which is less reactive and mainly found on earth as water-soluble form. Physical and Chemical Properties Iodine is a black shiny crystalline and lustrous solid element It is least reactive and most electropositive halogen It sublimes easily on heating to give the purple vapour It is soluble in solvents like carbon tetrachloride and slightly in water. It has a melting point of 114℃ and boiling point of 184℃ It has a density of 4.93gm-3 at 20℃ Uses: It is used for medical treatment as a tincture and iodoform It is used in the manufacture of some printing inks and dyes. Silver iodide is used in photography It is

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